Personal Development

Positive personal development in our every day lives will see us achieve our goals and aspirations to be who we want to be in life and achieve what we want whether that is in our career or personal lives.

Here at GNR we recognise that at the heart of everything we do is around people, developing people, inspiring people, and supporting them on their journey forward. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team at GNR work with individuals from the age of 14+ through our fantastic accredited personal development and health & wellbeing training.

Mental health awareness is a huge area for development and is a key part of our training and development. Mental ill health can have a negative impact on everything around us. To increase understanding of mental health we have a range of courses from entry level through to Level 2 to support this learning. In this ever-changing busy world it is easy to lose ourselves with social media, positive body image and personal safety are paramount and understanding to how implement positive strategies in our day to day lives is so important to help harness positive personal development. This is where our extensive range of courses can help you be the person you want to be and provide the skills required.

Here are some of the courses you can expect from GNR Personal Development:

Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health, you will learn:

  • The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace and/or to give learners personal growth and engagement in learning, specifically in relation to understanding the principles of first aid for mental health.
  • The role of a first aider for mental health is to provide basic mental health support or to be the first response to someone in need, usually in the workplace. The first aider for mental health is not clinically qualified to assess, diagnose or treat mental ill health but they will know the basic tools to listen to individuals who require first response support for their mental health.
  • This qualification can be taken by learners preparing to enter employment or by those who are already in employment. This is a knowledge-only qualification that provides underpinning knowledge and understanding of the principles of first aid for mental health. This includes recognising mental ill health in self and others, supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace, understanding how to promote a wellness culture in the workplace and the importance of resilience and self-care for first aiders for mental health.

Please note: Learners must aged 16 or above for this course. It is advised that learners have a minimum of level 1 in literacy and/or numeracy or equivalent.

Level 1 Stress Awareness, Stress Management and learn about techniques, you will learn:

  • Be able to recognise the symptoms of stress.
  • Know about the possible causes of stress.
  • Know about the benefits of using relaxation as a strategy.
  • Know about coping strategies.
  • Be able to practise a number of relaxation techniques.

Entry Level Developing Healthy Relationships and Respect you will learn:

  • What is meant by a ‘healthy relationship’.
  • Know that relationships are affected by controllable and uncontrollable factors.
  • Understand the key features of good communication in a healthy relationship
  • Understand values and attitudes which help to develop healthy and respectful relationships.

Entry Level Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness you will learn:

  • Understand the reasons for feeling confident.
  • Understand how to participate in social situations.
  • Understand ways to manage stress.
  • Be able to set goals for own development.

Level 1 Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness, this is the next level to Entry Level 3 above and goes into things a bit more:

  • Understand reasons for feeling confident and lacking confidence.
  • Understand effective participation in social situations.
  • Understand ways to manage stress.
  • Be able to set goals for own development.

Level 1 Body Image and the Media, you will learn:

  • Understand how images of people are portrayed through the media.
  • Understand how the media can influence own body image.
  • Understand how images of people are portrayed through different cultures.